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Egyptair Enhances Fleet with 10 A350-900s to Meet Rising Global Travel Demands

EGYPTAIR announced at the Dubai Airshow that it will acquire 10 Airbus A350-900s, signaling a commitment to enhancing its passenger experience and reducing environmental impact. This strategic decision positions EGYPTAIR to address the growing demand for air travel while embracing cutting-edge technology and sustainable aviation practices.

Upon integration into EGYPTAIR’s fleet, the A350-900s will deliver a 25% reduction in fuel consumption and emissions, aligning with the airline’s dedication to environmental responsibility. Passengers can look forward to an improved travel experience in the Airbus AirSpace cabin, featuring spacious interiors, wide seats, lofty ceilings, and captivating ambient lighting.

The official signing ceremony occurred at the 2023 Dubai Airshow, attended by EGYPTAIR’s Chairman and CEO, Engineer Yehia Zakaria, and Airbus Chief Commercial Officer and Head of International, Christian Scherer.

Chairman and CEO Yehia Zakaria expressed pride in the longstanding partnership between EGYPTAIR and Airbus in the Middle East and Africa. He underscored the importance of updating the fleet with contemporary aircraft, affirming the airline’s commitment to meeting evolving travel demands.

Zakaria explained, “EGYPTAIR has solidified an agreement with Airbus to acquire 10 A350-900 aircraft, each boasting a capacity of 340 seats. These aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and Rolls-Royce XWB Trent engines, renowned for their modern design and reduced environmental impact. As we address the increasing demand across our network, the A350-900 emerges as the optimal choice.”

Christian Scherer, Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Airbus International, emphasized the significance of the A350-900 as EGYPTAIR’s flagship aircraft, enabling the airline to expand its offerings and explore new opportunities, particularly in Western US and the far East.

The A350-900, recognized as the world’s most modern and efficient widebody aircraft, stands out as a long-range leader in the 300-410 seater category. Its innovative design incorporates cutting-edge technologies, aerodynamics, lightweight materials, and the latest generation engines, resulting in a 25% advantage in fuel efficiency, operating costs, and CO₂ emissions. Additionally, it achieves a remarkable 50% noise reduction compared to its predecessors.

With over 1,000 orders from leading carriers worldwide, the A350 continues to set industry standards, enabling EGYPTAIR to enhance its network with benchmark economic efficiency and elevate the overall passenger experience.

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