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Delhi Airport Unveils Fourth Runway and Elevated Taxiways

Delhi Airport

In an exciting development for the aviation industry, Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia officially inaugurated the dual elevated Eastern Cross Taxiways (ECT) and the fourth runway at Delhi Airport. As the largest airport in the country, Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) handles over 1,500 aircraft movements each day.

The newly unveiled Eastern Cross Taxiways, stretching 2.1 kilometers in length, promise to significantly reduce passenger tarmac time during landing and take-off. Notably, this makes Delhi airport the only one in India to feature an elevated taxiway with roads passing beneath it.

The ECT connects the northern and southern airfields on the eastern side of the airport, effectively shortening the taxiing distance by seven kilometers for aircraft, including wide-body models like the Airbus A380, Boeing B777, and Boeing B747. With the addition of the fourth runway, designated as RW 09/27, RW 11R/29L, RW 10/28, and RW 11L/29R, the Delhi airport strengthens its operational capabilities and capacity.

A Boost for India’s Aviation Sector

Minister Scindia expressed his optimism about the civil aviation sector, stating that it is entering a phase of remarkable growth. He anticipates a substantial increase in the number of domestic planes, projecting a rise from the current 720 to 1,500.

Highlighting the significant contribution of the civil aviation sector to India’s economic prowess, Scindia mentioned the sizeable aircraft orders placed by airlines such as Air India. He emphasised that India is poised for ambitious achievements in aviation. In his remarks, Minister Scindia revealed his request for the Delhi airport operator, DIAL, to complete construction of the fourth terminal by October, further enhancing the airport’s capacity and passenger experience.

G.M. Rao, Group Chairman of GMR Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the Eastern Cross Taxiways and the fourth runway, citing their ability to improve operational efficiency and boost overall capacity. His positive remarks came during the inauguration ceremony of these new additions at the Delhi airport.

The unveiling of the elevated taxiways and the fourth runway signifies a significant milestone for the Delhi airport and the civil aviation sector in India. These enhancements not only improve efficiency and capacity but also pave the way for the country’s continued growth and aspirations in aviation.

Air India became the first airline to operate out of the newly inaugurated Runway. Check out Delhi Airport’s Instagram for the water canon salute video.

Photo Credit: PTI

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