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Royal Air Maroc Confirms Order for Two Boeing 787 Dreamliners

Boeing and Royal Air Maroc have officially announced the North African carrier’s commitment to acquire two additional Boeing 787 Dreamliners, specifically the 787-9 model. This strategic move is part of Royal Air Maroc’s ongoing efforts to bolster its widebody fleet, demonstrating confidence in the Dreamliner’s capabilities to enhance its long-haul operations. The airline presently operates a fleet of nine Dreamliners, and this latest order underscores its intent to leverage the efficiency and adaptability offered by the 787 family.

Abdelhamid Addou, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Royal Air Maroc, emphasized the significance of this procurement in the context of the current market dynamics. He stated, “The two Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners will enable Royal Air Maroc to expand in the short-term its long-haul network in response to the highly favorable market conditions in 2023.” This move aligns with the airline’s broader vision, as Addou revealed that the company is actively pursuing a substantial tender aimed at quadrupling the fleet size before 2037.

Royal Air Maroc has progressively augmented its widebody aircraft inventory over the past nine years, incorporating a combination of 787-8s and 787-9s. Notably, this particular order had not been previously disclosed on Boeing’s Orders & Deliveries website, adding an element of surprise to the announcement.

Brad McMullen, Boeing’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Sales and Marketing, expressed confidence in the compatibility of the 787 Dreamliner with Royal Air Maroc’s growth and modernization objectives. “The 787 Dreamliner is perfectly suited to support Royal Air Maroc’s growth and modernization plans,” McMullen remarked. He highlighted the enduring partnership between Boeing and the airline, spanning more than five decades, and expressed eagerness for future collaborations to further strengthen this relationship.

As the national carrier of Morocco and a member of the oneworld Alliance, Royal Air Maroc boasts an extensive global network, serving 82 destinations across 41 territories. The airline operates regular flights to major capitals in Europe, Africa, North America, and the Middle East. In addition to the newly confirmed 787 Dreamliners, Royal Air Maroc’s fleet includes Boeing 737s, further solidifying its commitment to Boeing’s aircraft lineup.

The Boeing 787 family, since commencing revenue service in 2011, has been instrumental in opening up more than 380 new nonstop routes globally. One of the key advantages of the Dreamliner is its ability to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by 25% compared to the aircraft it replaces. Passengers on the 787 enjoy an enhanced travel experience, facilitated by features such as the largest windows of any jet, improved cabin humidity and lower pressurization for increased comfort, spacious overhead bins, soothing LED lighting, and advanced turbulence-sensing technology for a smoother ride.

This latest development not only reinforces Royal Air Maroc’s commitment to staying at the forefront of aviation technology but also highlights Boeing’s enduring position as a trusted partner in the airline’s growth journey. The announcement sets the stage for a continued collaboration between the two entities as they navigate the evolving landscape of the aviation industry.

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