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Singapore Airlines to (re)introduce A380 with New First Class Suites to Mumbai

9V-SKU, Airbus A380

Singapore Airlines is bringing back the Airbus A380 with the New First Class Suites to CSMIA, Mumbai. The A380 will replace the existing Boeing 777-300ER aircraft on the SQ424/423 schedule from September 1, 2019. The A380, now nicknamed as A380R (R for retrofitted), comes with the New First Class suites (6 seats), revamped business class (78 seats), premium economy (44 seats) and economy class (343 seats). The new configuration is F6C78W44Y343.

The inaugural of this flight stands as  –

SQ424 SIN1900 – 2210BOM 388 D
SQ423 BOM1140 – 0740SIN 388 D


Check out the links containing the pictures and videos from the inaugural of Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 with New First Class Suites –

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 at CSMIA, Mumbai

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