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A Plastic-Free Mumbai Airport Starting October 2, 2019

Terminal 2, CSMIA Mumbai

Starting October 2, Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has announced a 100% ban on single-single use plastic. So now no more single-use plastic items including bottles, cutlery, bags etc. will be seen at the airport.

Alternate arrangements are made at the airport for necessary items by using cutlery from biodegradable materials, steel straws and cloth bags to support this sustainable cause and bringing a total termination on single-use plastic which has been one of the biggest cause of environment all hazards.

Key highlights of the single-use plastic ban initiatives at CSMIA:

  • 99% of the F&B outlets have replaced banned single use plastic and thermocol items with paper straw, paper plates, paper cups, wooden spoons, wooden fork, wooden or acrylic or steel made stirrers, paper & silver foil containers etc
  • Retail outlets has replaced plastic packaging for their products with butter papers, cartons, paper boxes, etc. 100% of the outlets have replaced plastic carry bags with paper bags
  • Domestic and international airlines have been informed about the replacement of plastic items banned by GoM
  • For collection of solid waste, compostable bags are used throughout airport areas
  • Installed PET bottle crushing & recycling machine called “Rebott” at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The recycled plastic is used for making polyester brand “RELAN”

GVK’s MIAL has ensured supporting the Union Government and gave given full co-operation in protecting the environment.

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